Good Technology, 

Good People, 

Good Company


Values and Beliefs
We put in 100% of our effort in each and every field to get the real value of our work
  1. We consistently think of ways to improve and develop our system and technology.
  2. We try to persistently create advanced products and always be one step ahead .
  3. We consist of specialized team members, where everyone must be the master(expert) of their own fields. We value their experiences and their new, innovative thoughts upon the improvement of our company
  4. We always appreciate our hardworking team members, and those who demonstrate excellence in their work are highly rewarded. In addition, we have the system where we annually provide a welfare system for our fellow members.
  5. We are fully aware that the minor features could cause a huge noticeable difference. Thus, we believe that the small details should be the crucial part of our success.
  6. We place importance on strategies where we team up to produce a high level of performance.
  7. We are always interested in creating new ideas and accepting the challenges.
  8. The path that we are trying to go is a new journey that no one has stepped into.
  9. We will be the ones that step into the new world of technology.
Securing Innovative Plasma Source Technology through Continuous R&D.
Leap to become the world's leading equipment parts company.
It's the goal of Wintel Corporation, and it's the greatest value.

In 2011, we signed a technical agreement with the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) in order to overcome technologies such as CVD, ALD, and ETCHER, which are major areas of semiconductor production process, and to overcome technologies that are becoming more ultra-fine and concentrated as localized technologies, and developed technologies for ALD, CVD, ETCHER, and CLEANING, which are core semiconductor equipment using Helicon plasma.

Working with researchers specializing in plasma processes for a long time, we are beginning to gain recognition for our technological prowess from the nation's leading device manufacturers, and the fruits are approaching. Instead of simply replacing overseas technologies, we want to develop technologies that are one step ahead of or have not been in the world before to help our customers gain production competitiveness in the semiconductor market, where competition is intensifying.

In particular, R&D in semiconductor major technology requires endless technological competition as well as endless endurance and patience to survive the technological competition in a sharp world. In the future, we believe that R&D is the key to supporting our company, and we hope to grow into a company centered on R&D through frequent securing of research personnel with various development experiences, improving the development environment, and continuous R&D investment.

Thank you.

  1. Recognition of our technology from our customers enables us to move into the world and drives us forward.
  2. We team up with our customers to produce products and services that they require.
  3. Our customers’ satisfaction is our first priority.
Integrity & Compliance
A Company that values people, A Company that seek values
  1. We put our people as our first priority, so that we highly appreciate the importance of employees and our partners. They have the right to receive the equal and fair treatment..
  2. All members are to understand the values of business and practice their self-realization on a daily basis.

  3. Profit Sharing
    If profit occurs, members and stockholders will share profits and the rest of the profit will go towards investments in R&D. These commitments will hugely contribute to the growth of our company. Company’s net profit consists of 15% to members direct benefits(Bonus), 15% to Stockholders, 30% to R&D, and 40% to future investment.
  4. Social Involvement (returns to society) : We try to use 1% of our net profit  to donate to our local society
  5. We will make WINTEL’s culture & system that do not discriminate against people.
  6. We do not produce any products that can possibly cause harm to  our customers.
Our culture
  1. All employees practice ethical management, in which they avoid unethical and immoral act
  2. We believe that the strong relationships among employees are based on mutual trust. Our team members are loyal and respectable to one another. We help each other and appreciate what’s granted. The foundation of trust is permeated in every aspect of our company.

"Wintel Company is full of pride,
Filled with respect and appreciation,
Provided with the best environment."

CEO Hyuk-Rok Kwon